Work With Our Experienced Bike Instructors

 At United Dirt Bike School, you can rely on us to provide you with comprehensive bike riding classes at any time. Our patient and helpful instructors are here to assist you by offering hands-on training. 

Instructor: Michael St. John

I grew up in very rural Minnesota. I rode dirt bikes, ATVs, ski mobiles, dune buggies, and farm equipment since almost before I could walk. I bought my first Harley the minute I turned 18 and could get a loan.

 I moved to Colorado in 1999 and met fellow motorcycle riders. I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) instructor course in 2002. I really enjoyed teaching students how to ride. 

 I then took the dirt bike class with Kathy, and we decided to open our own school. So, off to Dallas we went. I spent 4 days in the Dallas heat in July! It was difficult as I wasn’t used to such high heat and humidity, but I learned a lot. I understood the basics since I was already a street-riding instructor. They also taught us a lot about teaching different age groups and how they learn. The street riding class is just for adults. We teach ages six and up. Each age group learns at different speeds and in different ways and it’s important that I teach to the specific age group’s level. This was invaluable information. 

 I also work full time for a county road and highway crew. I like being outside much better than inside. 

 I care about students’ learning and their safety. I am patient with them and can relate to their learning struggles and want them to be successful. I help the students be responsible for their own learning. 

 I enjoy the trails in the Colorado mountains, and I want my students to learn to ride safely and responsibly and enjoy the place as much as I do. 

Instructor: Kathy Banning

I always wanted to ride a motorcycle. But, like many mothers, mine would not let me. In college, I rode on the back of a boyfriend’s bike and it made me want to ride even more. I finally discovered that some of my girlfriends also wanted to learn to ride so we took the MSF beginning rider course.

I found that I loved riding as much as I thought I would. I joined a riding group and rode as much as possible, made some great friends and contacts. I met some people who taught the MSF classes and decided that was something I wanted to do. So, I took the MSF instructor class. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done! It was an eight-day class that one of the students likened to boot camp. I taught the beginner rider class for a school for about 5 years.

During my riding time, I met several people who said that taking a dirt bike class improves your street-riding skills. I always take classes and believe any further education is always valuable. So, I called a dirt bike class provider. It took quite a while before I actually was scheduled to take the class. Michael decided to take it with me. I felt it did give me some more confidence in my street-riding skills. We decided we would like to teach dirt riding, rather than street riding. 

So, Michael applied with the MSF to be certified, took the class in 2009, and here we are.

I love to teach, and I considered a career in teaching until I took the education classes in college. I found them to be very boring and trivial and I quickly lost interest in that occupation. I have, however, in my jobs with the state of Colorado, always taught other employees and the community. I absolutely loved teaching the street riding motorcycle class and the dirt bike classes.

 It is such a pleasure to see someone with no skills on a bike leave our class with all the skills they need (with a little practice) to ride trails in this beautiful state of Colorado.